Wild Bird Nuts – 1kg Bag of Nuts

Fuel Nature’s Flyers with Premium Bird Nuts

  • 1kg Bag of High-Energy Peanuts
  • Perfect for Attracting Wild Birds
  • Rich Source of Vital Nutrients
  • Packed for Freshness and Quality
  • Ideal for Year-Round Feeding


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Sku: H93827

Elevate Birdwatching with Nutrient-Packed Wild Bird Nuts

Nurture the vibrant ecosystem of your garden with the High-Energy Wild Bird Nuts, a nutritious and irresistible treat that will enchant a variety of wild birds. Packaged in a convenient 1kg bag, these premium peanuts are the perfect addition to your bird feeding regimen, providing essential nutrients to sustain and delight your feathered visitors.

The high-energy rating of these bird nuts makes them an invaluable source of sustenance for wild birds, especially during demanding periods like nesting and colder seasons. This nutrient-rich snack helps birds maintain their vitality and supports their overall well-being, allowing you to contribute to the thriving avian population in your surroundings.

Each bag of High-Energy Wild Bird Nuts is thoughtfully packaged to ensure freshness and quality. Presented in a full-colour plastic bag, the contents remain protected until you’re ready to share nature’s bounty with your feathered friends.

Whether you’re a seasoned birdwatcher or a beginner looking to connect with nature, these bird nuts are a fantastic way to engage with the wildlife around you. As you scatter them across feeders or garden spaces, you’ll enjoy the rewarding sight of various bird species feasting on this delectable offering.

Suitable for year-round feeding, the High-Energy Wild Bird Nuts are a versatile choice that caters to the nutritional needs of birds regardless of the season. Enhance your garden’s allure and create a welcoming atmosphere for wild birds with this high-quality, nutrient-packed treat.


  • Content: 1kg of High-Energy Peanuts
  • Packaging: Full Colour Plastic Bag

What’s Included:

  • 1kg Bag of High-Energy Wild Bird Nuts