Tube Squeezer – Set of 2

Maximise Savings, Minimise Waste!

  • Get every last drop efficiently
  • Reusable, long-lasting design
  • Easy slide-and-push mechanism
  • Compatible with various tubes
  • Economical and eco-friendly


Sku: H64884

Squeeze Every Penny’s Worth with Our Tube Squeezer!

In these challenging economic times, every bit of savings counts. It’s often the little things that accumulate and make a huge difference. That’s why our tube squeezer is a must-have in every household. Don’t let that bit of toothpaste or cream go to waste anymore. With this gadget, you’re ensured to extract every last drop from your tubes, be it toothpaste, creams, ointments, or gels.

The working principle is sheer simplicity. Slide the flat end of the tube into the slot and push. As you progress, the squeezer flattens the tube, ensuring you dispense its entire contents. The beauty of this device is in its reusability. Buy it once, and you can use it time and time again on various tubes, bringing both economy and ecology to your daily routine.


  • Efficient flattening mechanism
  • Durable design for repeated use
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Versatile: compatible with a range of tubes
  • Eco-friendly solution


What’s Included: 1 x Tube Squeezer



  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Mechanism: Slide-and-push
  • Compatibility: Works on all standard tubes