Telescopic Weeder & Hoe


Redefine Gardening with Effortless Precision

  • Telescopic shaft for customizable length
  • Eliminates the need for kneeling, bending, and stooping
  • Heavy-duty design for challenging gardening tasks
  • Comfortable soft grip handles for prolonged use
  • Durable carbon steel head and tubular steel frame

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Sku: H66034

Master Gardening Tasks with the 3-Prong Weeder and Hoe

Rediscover gardening without the strain and discomfort with this ingenious 3-prong weeder and hoe. It’s designed keeping in mind both efficiency and your comfort. With the power to transform tedious tasks into swift operations, this tool is a game-changer for gardening enthusiasts.

The telescopic shaft is a standout feature, enabling you to adjust the length to suit your needs. Whether you’re tending to a flower bed or battling with persistent weeds, this tool ensures you maintain an upright posture. No more straining your back or knees; stay comfortable as you garden.

Built for durability and efficiency, the carbon steel head promises precision and the tubular steel frame assures longevity. The soft grip handles provide an added layer of comfort, allowing you to garden for longer without fatigue.


  • Telescopic Design: Easily extendable from 27” (68cm) to 38” (98cm).
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Soft grip handles ensure comfort and reduce hand fatigue.
  • Robust Build: Made with premium carbon steel heads and sturdy tubular steel frames.
  • Efficient Weeding: The 3-prong design efficiently removes unwanted growth.


What’s Included:

  • 1 x 3-Prong Weeder and Hoe with Telescopic Shaft



  • Material: Carbon steel head, tubular steel frame
  • Adjustable Length: From 27” (68cm) to 38” (98cm)


Revolutionise your gardening routine with this 3-prong weeder and hoe. Because your garden deserves the best, and so do you!