Tanzanite Celebration Necklace

  • The Tanzanite Celebration Pendant
  • Ethereal violet-blue gem
  • 18 sterling silver rope chain.


Sku: 43931

Make any occasion special with a gemstone 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. Holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, if youve done your job she can see the gifts coming. However, if you really want to impress her, give her something rare and beautiful just because. Its easy to do with Stauer in your corner. With its remarkable rarity and unique gemstone qualities, its no wonder experts have dubbed tanzanite, the gemstone of the 20th century. In recent years, top-quality tanzanite gemshave fetched higher prices at auction than many rubies, emeralds or diamonds! So, when we had the opportunity to pile on the carats of this rare gem, we moved lightning quick.Experts agree that one day, maybe soon, the Earths supply of the rare gem will simply and suddenly disappear. Tanzanite is only mined within a 4 square kilometer section of Tanzania. Thats it. You wont find it anywhere else on the planet. That makes it 1000 times rarer than diamonds. The Tanzanite Celebration Pendant, featuring perfectly-faceted pears of the ethereal violet-blue gem, is priced so you can turn any day into the day. Thats romance done right. Comes suspended from an 18 sterling silver rope chain.