Shower Head Cleaner

Revive Your Shower’s Efficiency!

  • Removes scale and debris
  • Enhances water flow efficiency
  • Kills bacteria including legionella
  • Easy-to-use immersion formula
  • Perfect for hard water areas


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Descale, Disinfect, and Restore Optimal Flow to Your Shower!

Over time, especially in hard water areas, scale and debris accumulate in shower heads. This not only affects the flow of water but can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, including the harmful legionella. But with our disinfectant and descale solution, you can tackle both issues head-on.

By simply immersing your shower head in our specially formulated solution, the hard-to-reach scale and debris start to dissolve. Scrubbing further ensures a thorough clean. In addition to restoring the efficiency of water flow, our disinfectant kills a range of bacteria and fungi, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable shower experience.


  • Powerful Formula: Effectively dissolves stubborn scale and debris.
  • Disinfectant Properties: Actively kills harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Optimized for Showers: Designed specifically to treat shower heads.
  • Easy Application: Just immerse, scrub, and rinse.


What’s Included: 1 x 500ml Bottle of Disinfectant and Descaler



  • Volume: 500ml
  • Targeted Use: Shower heads
  • Active Ingredients: Disinfectants, descaling agents.