Set of 3 Beehive Planters

Elevate Your Garden with Wooden Effect Beehive Planters

  • Transformative Design with Wooden Texture and Bronze Finish
  • Suitable for Garden, Patio, and Conservatory
  • Crafted from UV-Stabilised Polyurethane for Durability
  • Weather-Resistant and Maintenance-Free
  • Enjoy All-Year Beauty in Your Garden


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 £49.99
2+ 10 % £44.99
Sku: GB4193

Experience Garden Elegance with Wooden Effect Beehive Planters – Beauty That Lasts All Year

Elevate the aesthetics of your garden, patio, or conservatory with the enchanting presence of Wooden Effect Beehive Planters. These planters, featuring an authentic wooden texture and an exquisite bronze finish, are designed to infuse elegance and vibrancy into any outdoor or indoor space.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these planters are manufactured from UV-stabilised polyurethane, ensuring both durability and weather resistance. The innovative choice of material ensures that these planters are not only stunning but also maintenance-free. They are built to withstand the elements, allowing you to enjoy their beauty all year round without the worry of fading or deterioration.

Whether adorning your garden with a touch of rustic charm or gracing your patio with a hint of sophistication, these wooden effect beehive planters are versatile additions that effortlessly enhance any setting. Their enduring allure will capture attention and create an inviting atmosphere that celebrates the changing seasons.

Elevate your gardening experience and elevate the beauty of your surroundings with these Wooden Effect Beehive Planters – a timeless enhancement for any space.

What’s Included:

  • Wooden Effect Beehive Planters


  • Material: UV-stabilised polyurethane
  • Finish: Wooden texture with bronze finish
  • Durability: Weather-resistant, maintenance-free