Plug Mates – Pack of 10

Empower Your Grip: Effortless Plug Removal.

  • Enhances grip for easy removal
  • Simplifies electric plug usage
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Designed for limited hand functionality
  • User-friendly design


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Empowering Your Grip, One Plug at a Time: The Essential Aid for Effortless Plug Removal.

There are simple joys in life that shouldn’t be complicated, like effortlessly plugging in and removing electrical devices. Introducing our innovative plug mates, specifically crafted for those who find the conventional process challenging due to limited hand functionality or conditions like arthritis.

Our plug mates are not just a product; they’re a commitment to making daily life a tad bit easier. By simply wrapping them around the plug and hooking them over the 3 pins, the once cumbersome task of removing the plug becomes smooth and hassle-free. Beyond its function, the plug mates are a testament to thoughtful design. Their simplicity ensures they’re cost-effective, and their ease of use ensures they’re a staple in every household that needs them.


  • Enhanced Grip: Designed to make plug removal straightforward and painless.
  • Innovative Design: Just wrap, hook, and enjoy the ease.
  • Economic Solution: A cost-effective way to make everyday tasks simpler.
  • For Everyone: Especially beneficial for those with arthritis or dexterity issues.


What’s Included:

  • Set of Plug Mates



  • Material: Durable and flexible material for easy wrapping
  • Usage: Compatible with standard 3-pin plugs
  • Design: User-friendly for seamless integration into daily life


Ensure that the plug mate is securely wrapped and hooked over the pins before inserting the plug. Check regularly for any signs of wear and replace when necessary. Always ensure the plug and socket are free from damage before use.