Plant Watering Spheres Globes

Effortless Plant Care with Vibrant Elegance

  • Simple to use, just fill and insert
  • Gradually waters plants automatically
  • Ideal for watering during absences
  • Pack of 6 in assorted vibrant colours
  • Glass construction enhances any decor


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Sku: H94271

Keep Your Plants Hydrated and Healthy with Our Colourful Glass Watering Spheres

Our Plant Watering Spheres offer a stylish and practical solution to plant care, especially when you’re away. Made from high-quality glass, these spheres not only serve as a functional irrigation tool but also add a decorative touch to any garden or indoor plant setup. Simply fill each globe with water, and insert it into the soil; the water will slowly seep into the ground, providing a steady supply of moisture that plants need to thrive.

The design of these watering globes ensures that your plants receive water at a rate that promotes healthy growth without the risk of overwatering. Each globe holds enough water to keep your plants perfectly hydrated for days, making them an ideal choice for frequent travellers or those who often forget to water their plants. The assorted colours of the globes also bring a pop of brightness to your plant collection, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Our watering spheres are easy to use and are a reliable way to maintain the moisture needs of a wide variety of plants. They work well in both outdoor gardens and indoor settings, providing a consistent water supply to ensure your plants stay lush and vibrant. This set is an excellent gift for any plant lover, combining practicality with an artistic flair that complements any planting environment.


  • Self-watering system for optimal hydration
  • Easy-fill design minimises setup time
  • Decorative and functional piece for any plant area
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from durable, high-quality glass

What’s Included:

  • 6 Glass Watering Spheres


  • Material Type: Glass
  • Dimensions: Each sphere 15 cm high x 6 cm diameter


  • Handle with care to avoid breakage
  • Ensure proper placement to avoid tipping


  • Colours may vary slightly from images shown