Night Vision Glasses

Combat Glare: Drive Safely, See Clearly!

  • Reduces harsh, blinding glare
  • Ideal for low sun drives
  • Protects against headlight dazzle
  • Enhances vision in challenging conditions
  • One-year guarantee assurance


Sku: H04182-FIG

Transforming challenging drives into comfortable journeys, even in the worst weather.

For every seasoned driver, there are moments on the road that can become challenging, and at times, downright dangerous. Among the most treacherous? Those times when the sun is hanging low, casting blinding rays straight into your line of sight, or when night-time traffic approaches with dazzling headlights. These conditions can significantly hamper visibility, turning a regular drive into an ordeal.

Enter the Clear Spectrum lenses, the game-changer for such conditions. Specially designed to combat the adverse effects of intense glare, these lenses work their magic most effectively when conditions are at their worst. Whether it’s the blinding glare from a low-setting sun, the powerful beams from oncoming vehicles, or the bright reflections off snowbanks or street lights, these lenses ensure that your vision remains clear and uncompromised. With Clear Spectrum, not only do you get to drive safely, but you also enjoy a more comfortable, less stressful journey. And for your peace of mind, each pair comes with a one-year guarantee.


  • Clear Spectrum lens technology
  • Significantly reduces blinding glare
  • Perfect for daytime and night-time driving
  • Enhances visibility and safety
  • Built for durability and long-lasting use


What’s Included:

  • Clear Spectrum Lenses
  • One-year guarantee certificate


Always ensure the lenses are clean and free from scratches for optimal performance. Use as recommended for driving conditions. The product does not replace the need for careful and attentive driving. Keep out of reach of children.