Mould Free Bath Mat

Safety First: The Mould Free Bath Mat

  • Ensures a secure grip in slippery conditions
  • Full-sized dimensions for maximum coverage
  • Special vinyl compound prevents mould and discolouration
  • Safe for your bath: won’t peel or cause damage
  • Easy maintenance: durable and machine-washable


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Your Essential Partner for Bath Time Safety

Bath time should be a relaxing affair, but the mixture of shiny surfaces, water, and soap often turns it into a hazardous activity. This is where our Mould Free Bath Mat comes in, acting as a trusted ally in preventing unnecessary slips and falls.

Measuring a generous 100x40cm, the mat is thoughtfully designed with soft yet grippy ‘bubbles’ ensuring your feet have a secure place to stand, even in the most slippery of conditions. It’s not just about safety; it’s about peace of mind every time you step into the bath.

What sets this bath mat apart is its unique construction. Made from a specially formulated vinyl compound, it promises to remain free from mould and discolouration. Plus, with its array of suction cups, it fixes securely to the bath surface, ensuring it stays in place, even during the most vigorous of baths. You won’t have to worry about the mat damaging your bath, peeling off, or discolouring over time. It’s built to last and to make your bath time safer.


  • Superior Grip: The mat’s ‘bubble’ design ensures a non-slip surface.
  • Secure Fixing: Multiple suction cups keep the mat firmly in place.
  • Quality Material: Specially formulated vinyl that’s mould-resistant.
  • Bath-Friendly: Designed to prevent any damage to your bath surface.
  • Easy Care: Durability meets convenience – it’s machine-washable.


What’s Included:

  • 1 x Mould Free Bath Mat (100x40cm)



  • Material: Specially formulated vinyl compound
  • Dimensions: 100x40cm
  • Cleaning: Machine-washable


Step into your bath with confidence. The Mould Free Bath Mat – a blend of safety, style, and longevity.