Moisturising Socks

Pamper Your Feet with Moisturising Socks!

  • Super soft and pampering socks
  • Maximise foot moisturiser action
  • Leaves feet feeling soft and smooth
  • Ideal for overnight use
  • Perfect for relaxing, reading, or sleeping


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Sku: H60120

Indulge in the ultimate foot care experience with our Moisturising Socks! 

These super soft and pampering socks are designed to enhance the moisturising action of your favourite foot moisturiser, leaving your feet feeling soft, smooth, and utterly wonderful.

For best results, use these socks overnight to maximise the benefits of your foot moisturiser. Slip them on before bedtime, and let the socks work their magic as you sleep. Wake up to amazingly soft and well-nourished feet, ready to take on the day!

Beyond overnight use, these Moisturising Socks are perfect for any time you want to relax and give your feet some extra TLC. Whether you’re reading a book, watching a movie, or simply winding down after a long day, these socks will provide a soothing and pampering experience for your tired feet.

Discover the secret to super soft and pampered feet with our Moisturising Socks. Treat your feet to the care they deserve and experience the joy of velvety-smooth, well-nourished feet with every wear.

What’s Included:

  • One pair of Moisturising Socks



  • Function: Maximises foot moisturiser action for soft and smooth feet
  • Usage: Ideal for overnight use and relaxation time
  • Material: Super soft and pampering fabric
  • Care: Hand wash and air dry for best results
  • Size: One size fits most