Hair Away Cream Set

Smooth, Silky, Hair Away

  • Hair Removal Cream Set for Silky Skin.
  • Gentle Formula for Smooth Results.
  • Effortless Hair Removal at Home.
  • Set Includes Cream, Applicator, and Soothing Gel.
  • Unveil Radiant Skin with Hair Away.


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Unveil the secret to smooth, silky skin

Transform your skincare routine with the Hair Away Cream Set, a complete solution for achieving smooth, silky skin in the comfort of your home. This hair removal cream is formulated with a gentle touch to ensure effective hair removal without compromising on your skin’s well-being.

The set includes not only the hair removal cream but also a convenient applicator for easy and precise application. After hair removal, soothe your skin with the accompanying soothing gel, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. Discover the convenience and efficacy of at-home hair removal with the Hair Away Cream Set. Embrace the confidence that comes with smooth, hair-free skin, and make the Hair Away Cream Set your go-to choice for achieving a radiant and hair-free look.

Just two easy steps to soft smooth skin Hair Away consists of two products one to remove hair, the other to stop it growing back so quickly. The first stage, the Depilatory Cream, works painlessly and easily to remove hair just below the skin surface. Follow this with the revolutionary Hair Retardant Spray, which reduces hair re-growth for up to 2-3 weeks. The unwanted hair will take longer to grow back and will appear finer with each application.