Golf Swing Weight

Boost Your Swing Speed with Ease!

  • Increases swing speed for greater distance
  • Compatible with both wood and iron shots
  • Easy attachment to your club
  • Constructed from durable rubberised metal
  • Ideal for warming up before golf rounds


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Improve Your Golf Game with the Wilson Golf Swing Weight

Boost your golf performance with the Wilson Golf Swing Weight, a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your swing speed and drive distance. This innovative device easily attaches to your club, offering a seamless way to increase your power and performance on the course.

Whether you’re teeing off with a wood or fine-tuning your iron shots, the Wilson Golf Swing Weight provides the extra boost you need to achieve greater distance and accuracy. Constructed from heavy-duty rubberised metal, this durable accessory ensures long-lasting use and reliable performance round after round.

Perfect for warming up before hitting the links, the Wilson Golf Swing Weight helps you optimise your swing mechanics and maximise your potential on the course. Step up your game and unleash the full power of your swing with this indispensable golfing companion.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Wilson Golf Swing Weight


  • Material: Rubberised metal
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all golf clubs
  • Dimensions: Standard size for easy attachment

Always use caution and follow proper golfing techniques when using the Wilson Golf Swing Weight.