Enamel Repair Pen

Instant Enamel Fixes, Effortlessly!

  • Quick touch-up solution
  • Works on various household appliances
  • Suitable for bathroom and kitchen
  • Simple application process
  • Precision damage repair


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Sku: H54016

The magic wand for enamel and varnish: Repair, Refresh, Rejoice!

Got a chip or scrape on your favourite appliances? The Enamel Repair Pen is your go-to solution for those minor yet unsightly damages. Whether it’s your bath, cooker, fridge, or any other enamel or varnished surface, this pen ensures a swift touch-up, making it look brand new. Designed for both small and larger affected areas, it offers a hassle-free application in just seconds. Not only does it seamlessly cover up damage, but it also maintains the aesthetic appeal of your appliances. Perfect for both the bathroom and kitchen, this pen is the ultimate household companion. Forget complicated repair methods; just draw and watch the imperfections disappear.


  • Multi-surface compatibility: Enamel and varnish
  • Precision tip for targeted application
  • Quick-drying formula for instant results
  • Long-lasting repair with durable coverage
  • Compact design for easy storage


What’s Included:

  • 1 x Enamel Repair Pen



  • Application: Suitable for enamel and varnish touch-ups
  • Suitable Locations: Bathroom and kitchen
  • Usage: Draw-on application
  • Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.