Eckman Elite 1.4kW Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer


Power Meets Precision in Your Garden

  • Elite range quality
  • 1kW power motor
  • Motor-in-handle design
  • Tungsten Carbide-tipped blade
  • 2-in-1: Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer

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Eckman Electric 2-in-1: The Elite Gardening Partner for Every Task.

Elevate your gardening experience with the Eckman Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer. As part of our esteemed Elite range, this tool brings together power and design in one dynamic package, all while offering you the assurance of a full 1-year guarantee.

Redefining the norm, this extendable hedge trimmer is ingeniously designed with the motor in the handle, making it remarkably easier to control compared to conventional trimmers that carry the weight of the motor at the pole’s top. This unique design is one of the many reasons it stands out as the most popular in our range.

Harness the might of its powerful motor, which churns out an impressive 1kW. This powerhouse drives a precision-engineered 40-toothed Tungsten Carbide-tipped blade, clocking a staggering 10,000rpm, enabling it to gracefully handle even the most stubborn branches.

And for those thickets of grass? Switching to the grass trimmer is a breeze. With the double line, bump-feed trimmer spool, you’ll make quick work of any unruly lawn patches. With a maximum cutting width of 2.5mm, you’ll restore the manicured look of your garden in no time.


  • Ergonomic Design: Motor conveniently located in the handle for enhanced control.
  • Performance: 40-tooth Tungsten carbide-tipped blade operating at 10,000rpm.
  • Versatility: Easily switch between brush cutter and grass trimmer.
  • Durability: Aluminium-housed trimmer gearbox with easy top-up facility.
  • Comfort: Luxury padded adjustable shoulder harness ensures you work with ease.
  • Convenience: Split shafts for hassle-free storage and transport.
  • Safety: Supporting top handle ensures safer manoeuvrability.


What’s Included:

  • Eckman Electric 2-in-1 Brush Cutter & Grass Trimmer
  • Professional 255mm/10″ diameter blade
  • Twin line bump-feed trimmer accessory
  • Luxury padded shoulder harness
  • 10m power cable with BS plug



  • Power: 1kW
  • Weight: Approx. 5.6kg/ 12.34lbs (excluding power cable and plug)
  • Dimensions: 180cm/70″ long


Invest in a tool that promises performance and longevity. Whether it’s thick branches or overgrown grass, with the Eckman Electric 2-in-1, you’re always in control. Your garden deserves nothing but the best.