Double Shock Foot Beds

Revolutionise Your Foot Comfort with Double Shock Foot Beds!

  • Revolutionary Polymer Gel construction
  • Traps shock waves for superior cushioning
  • Provides arch support and improved toe fit
  • Reduces fatigue and absorbs impact
  • Relieves pressure and pain in sensitive areas


Sku: X04234-fig

Experience Unmatched Foot Comfort with Our Double Shock Foot Beds

Introducing the new and improved Double Shock Foot Beds, now available in a wider range of sizes to cater to your individual comfort needs. These foot beds are available in Men’s sizes (black and blue) from 7 to 13 and Women’s sizes (grey and blue) from 3 to 8, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Plus, you have the flexibility to cut them to your desired size for the ultimate customisation.

Our Double Shock Foot Beds are engineered with ground-breaking Polymer Gel technology that flows like liquid, efficiently capturing and diffusing shock waves right at their source. Bid farewell to discomfort and welcome the sheer delight of unparalleled cushioning for your feet.

Featuring an ergonomic design, these foot beds provide exceptional arch support and a tapered, lower profile at the toes for an enhanced and snug fit. Whether you’re on your feet all day at work or engaged in high-impact activities, these foot beds reduce fatigue and absorb the impact, keeping your feet protected and invigorated.

Precision-engineered inserts within the foot beds target sensitive areas of your feet, including the heel and metatarsal region, alleviating pressure and discomfort. Experience relief like never before, allowing you to enjoy your daily activities without the burden of foot pain.

Step into a world of comfort and support with our Double Shock Foot Beds. Prioritise your foot health and overall well-being with these innovative foot bed inserts that redefine the way you experience comfort.

What’s Included:

  • Double Shock Foot Beds


  • Revolutionary Polymer Gel construction for shock absorption
  • Provides arch support and improved toe fit
  • Relieves pressure and pain in sensitive areas

Note: Please select the appropriate size for the best fit and experience. Enjoy the bliss of foot comfort like never before!