Car Dent Puller

Erase Dents, Save Costs: Simple as Click & Pull.

  • Powerful suction for minor dent repairs
  • User-friendly: Click handles, pull, and release
  • No chemicals or tools needed
  • Multi-use: Suitable for glass, metal, mirrors
  • 50lbs suction capacity in one handle


Sku: H60054

Revolutionising Dent Removal: Quick Fixes Without The Workshop.

Every car owner’s dread – those minor dents that seemingly appear out of nowhere, leaving us anticipating a trip to the garage and the associated costs. Now, there’s a solution that puts you back in control. Introducing the car dent puller, a device designed with the latest suction technology. It’s not just about fixing dents; it’s about empowering car owners to maintain their vehicles’ aesthetics without the regular trips to the repair shop.

Operation is easy and requires no expertise. The process is simple: place, click, pull, and release. The puller works by creating a robust vacuum, ensuring a firm grip on the panel. Once the handles are opened, the vacuum releases, leaving the surface as good as new. Beyond car repairs, its versatility extends to safely carrying sheets of glass, metal, and mirrors. A testament to its strength is its remarkable 50lbs suction capacity in a single handle.


  • Enhanced Suction: Ensures efficient dent repair
  • Easy Operation: Just click handles and pull
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for car repairs, and transporting glass or metal sheets
  • Safe Handling: Minimises risk when carrying mirrors or glass
  • Durable Build: Made to withstand regular use


What’s Included:

  • 1 Car Dent Puller
  • User Manual with safety guidelines



  • Suction Capacity: 50lbs
  • Application: Suitable for cars, glass sheets, metal, mirrors


  • Ensure surface is clean before application
  • Not suitable for severe dents or damaged panels
  • Use with caution on fragile surfaces

While the car dent puller is designed for efficient dent removal and safe handling of various materials, individual results may vary based on the severity of the dent and surface type. Always ensure a secure grip before attempting to pull or transport. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage arising from misuse or non-adherence to provided guidelines.