Bunion Cushions

Bunion Relief: Comfortable Self-Adhesive Cushions

  • Instant pressure relief and pain reduction
  • Easy application on skin or inside footwear
  • Soft, cushioned padding for comfort
  • Protects bunions from painful rubbing
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


Sku: H64440-FIG

Discover comfort and relief with our Bunion Cushions.

Say goodbye to bunion discomfort and pressure-related pain as these cushions work to ease your woes and promote a pain-free lifestyle.

Featuring a convenient self-adhesive backing, these cushions offer a quick and hassle-free application directly onto the skin or can be placed inside footwear for extended comfort. The plush, cushioned padding is designed to redistribute pressure, effectively alleviating pain associated with bunions.

Whether you’re heading out or simply going about your daily routine, these Bunion Cushions are your perfect companion. They not only provide immediate relief but also shield bunions from painful friction against any type of footwear.

Experience unmatched softness and comfort with these cushions, suitable even for sensitive skin. Each pack contains 6 cushions in the small size and 4 cushions in the large size, ensuring you have ample supply for various shoes and situations.

Prioritize your comfort and well-being with our Bunion Cushions, designed to empower you to stride forward painlessly.

What’s included

  • Pack of Bunion Cushions (6 small, 4 large)


  • Relief: Instant pressure relief, pain reduction
  • Application: Self-adhesive, suitable for skin or inside footwear
  • Comfort: Soft, cushioned padding
  • Protection: Prevents bunion rubbing against footwear
  • Skin Compatibility: Suitable for sensitive skin