Blind Spot Mirrors

Drive Safer with Enhanced Visibility

  • Eliminates blind spots effectively
  • Fully adjustable for personalised viewing
  • Quick, hassle-free installation
  • Durable ABS frame with convex glass
  • Pack contains two mirrors for symmetry



Expand your perspective and drive with newfound confidence.

Navigating the roads can be a challenge, especially with those hidden blind spots. This adjustable, concave mirror is designed to bolster your driving confidence by expanding your field of vision. Say goodbye to those perilous lane changes, as this mirror will illuminate what’s previously been hidden. It’s been crafted with the user in mind; adjust it to suit your specific needs and gain a clearer perspective of the road. With an easy installation process that involves a simple peel and press, enhancing your driving safety has never been this effortless. The robust ABS frame ensures durability, while the convex wide-angle mirror glass offers a broader and clearer view. Plus, with two mirrors in each pack, both your side mirrors can provide the increased visibility you need.


  • Enhances driving safety by increasing field of vision
  • User-friendly adjustability for optimal viewing angles
  • Convex glass design for a wider-angle view
  • Sturdy ABS frame ensures longevity


What’s Included:

  • 2 x Adjustable Concave Mirrors



  • Material: ABS frame with convex glass
  • Installation: Peel and press adhesive backing
  • Package: Pack of 2 mirrors