Bettina Telescopic Chenille Noodle Duster

Dust Hard-to-Reach Areas Effortlessly!

  • Chenille noodle design
  • Attracts and traps dust
  • Extends over 3ft in length
  • Features hanging handle
  • Versatile for all rooms


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Sku: H66898

Master the Art of Dusting with Bettina’s Telescopic Chenille Duster!

Are you tired of seeing those irritating dust particles resting in those corners and on the surfaces of your living room, bedroom, and beyond? Enter the Bettina Telescopic Chenille Noodle Duster, a game-changer in the realm of home cleaning. Crafted meticulously with a chenille noodle design, this duster has an innate ability to attract and hold onto dust particles, ensuring that every swipe leaves your space cleaner and fresher.

But that’s not all; the duster’s main attraction is its telescopic feature. Gone are the days when you’d need a ladder or a chair to reach those higher spaces. With this duster, you can extend your reach to over 3ft, allowing you to access those tricky corners and elevated surfaces effortlessly. Its convenient design ensures you’re not straining your back or arms while cleaning.

Completing the practical design is a tidy storage hanging handle, which makes it incredibly easy to store the duster when not in use. This ensures your duster remains clean and ready for the next dusting session, whenever that might be.


  • Chenille noodle design for efficient dusting
  • Telescopic handle for extended reach
  • Comfortable grip for easy handling
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre


What’s Included:

  • 1 Bettina Telescopic Chenille Noodle Duster with Hanging Handle



  • Material: Chenille Noodle Fibres
  • Length: Extends to over 3ft
  • Storage: Hanging Handle


Disclaimer: The Bettina Telescopic Chenille Noodle Duster is designed for dry dusting only. Avoid contact with water or cleaning solutions. Store in a dry place for optimal performance.