4m Slug & Snail Tape

Guard Your Greens Against Slugs

  • Adhesive copper tape barrier
  • Suitable for pots & raised beds
  • Generates electrical charge
  • Deters slugs and snails
  • 4m pack for ample coverage


Sku: DFDP1020-Fig

The Ultimate Plant Protection Against Pesky Pests

Uninvited guests like slugs and snails can wreak havoc in your cherished garden. With the innovative Slug Tape, these pests meet their match. This adhesive copper tape is designed to create a protective barrier around plant pots, raised beds, greenhouse stagings, and planters, effectively halting the advance of these garden menaces.

The secret lies in the copper. When slugs and snails come into contact with the tape, it generates a subtle electrical charge, deterring them from advancing any further. No more slimy trails or nibbled leaves. Your plants get the protection they deserve.

Adhesive Copper Barrier: Provides a potent barrier against slugs and snails
Electrical Deterrent: The tape’s charge halts pests in their tracks
Versatile Protection: Perfect for pots, planters, greenhouses, and raised beds
Safe & Effective: A chemical-free solution to keep your greens undamaged
Ample Length: With 4 meters of tape, there’s enough to safeguard multiple plants


What’s included:

  • 1 x 4m Slug Tape pack



  • Material: Copper
  • Length: 4 meters
  • Application: Suitable for plant pots, raised beds, greenhouse stagings, and planters
  • Purpose: Deterrence against slugs and snails
  • Method: Generates a small electrical charge to deter pests.