3 Colour Night Light

Soothing Colour Change Night Light for Tranquil Sleep

  • 9 Long-Life LEDs for Soft Illumination
  • Switch Between Classic White, Cool Blue, and Serene Green
  • Built-In Sensor Activates at Dusk, Deactivates at Dawn
  • Convenient Plug-Through Design for Dual Usage
  • Ultra Low Electricity Consumption, 5-Year Warranty


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Sku: H70042

Create a Tranquil Sleep Environment with our Colour Change Night Light

Bring a gentle and calming ambiance to your child’s bedroom or any space in your home with our Colour Change Night Light. Featuring nine long-lasting LEDs, it offers soft illumination that transitions seamlessly between classic white, cool blue, and serene green. This subtle shift in hues helps soothe your little one into a restful slumber.

The night light is not just aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly practical. Equipped with a built-in sensor, it automatically activates at dusk and gracefully turns off at dawn, saving energy while providing comfort. Additionally, its plug-through feature allows you to utilise the plug socket simultaneously, adding to its versatility.

Designed for user-friendliness and efficiency, this night light boasts an easy plug-in setup and consumes minimal electricity. Plus, it comes with a reassuring 5-year warranty, ensuring quality and reliability for years to come.


  • LED Count: 9
  • Colour Options: Classic White, Cool Blue, Serene Green
  • Sensor: Built-In (Dusk to Dawn Activation)
  • Plug-Through: Yes
  • Electricity Consumption: Ultra Low
  • Warranty: 5 Years

What’s Included:

  • 1 Colour Change Night Light
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Card