12V Car Vacuum Cleaner

Clean. Compact. Powerful. Breathe Freely Anywhere.

  • Portable 12V Cleaning Power
  • Handy Reach Attachments
  • Easy-to-Clean Dust Collector
  • Vehicle 12V Socket Operation
  • Compact Dimensions: 28.5cm x 8cm x 10cm


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Sku: H67021

Elevate Cleanliness Anywhere with Compact Power and Reach.

Dust mites, notorious for triggering allergies, meet their match in our high-powered portable 12V vacuum cleaner. This sleek device is designed to provide effective cleaning on-the-go, ensuring a healthier environment for millions of allergy sufferers. Equipped with a convenient attachment for accessing hard-to-reach spots, it offers versatility in maintaining a dust-free space.

The brilliance of this portable cleaner lies not only in its compact dimensions (28.5cm x 8cm x 10cm) but also in its ease of use. Powered via your vehicle’s 12V socket, it’s always ready for action, whether you’re on a road trip or just need a quick cleanup. When the dust collector reaches its capacity, worry not—simply remove and wash it clean, ensuring a consistently high level of performance.

In summary, our portable 12V vacuum cleaner is the ultimate solution for those seeking a powerful, compact, and convenient way to combat dust mites and maintain a fresh, allergen-free environment.

What’s Included:

  • Portable 12V Vacuum Cleaner
  • Handy Reach Attachments
  • Washable Dust Collector


  • Dimensions: 28.5cm (L) x 8cm (W) x 10cm (H)
  • Power Source: Vehicle 12V Socket


This portable vacuum cleaner is designed for efficient dust removal, but individual results may vary. Please follow the provided instructions for proper usage, and consult with a healthcare professional for severe allergy concerns. The device is intended for use in vehicles with a 12V socket.