Sparkle Fusion Sterling Silver Earrings

  • Carat total weight
  • The Ultimate Diamond Alternative, DiamondAura; (2)5mm
  • Rhodium-finished .925 sterling silver
  • French hooks


Sku: 44674

Stud earrings meet drop earrings for the perfect fusion of style at an absolutely perfect price. The sweet solitaires in these earrings are the Ultimate Diamond Alternative, DiamondAura a stone that in many ways is superior to a mined diamond. Scientifically-created to have colour and clarity that matches the worlds most expensive diamond rating D Flawless, these stones are optically superior. To get a pair of mined diamond earrings with the level of visual purity you see here, would setyou back at least 5,000. Instead, with our Sparkle Fusion Earrings you can indulge in mined diamond sparkle and glam without the mined diamond price.