Reading Light – Floor and Table

Illuminate Comfortably: Say Goodbye to Eyestrain!

  • Alleviates eyestrain and headaches during reading.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both floor and table placement.
  • Optimal light direction with flexible arm adjustment.
  • Provides flood light effect for even illumination.
  • Eco-friendly with reduced power consumption.
  • Features a high frequency 40000Hz transformer.


Sku: H64579-FIG

See Clearly, Read Comfortably: High Vision Reading Lights for Optimal Illumination and Minimal Strain.

Discover a new level of comfort with the High Vision Reading Lights, a revolutionary lighting solution designed with your eyes in mind. Whether you’re engrossed in a captivating novel or deeply involved in your favourite hobby, this energy-saving near daylight lamp promises a superior lighting experience that significantly reduces eyestrain and headaches.

With its flexible arm adjustment, you can direct light exactly where you need it, ensuring a shadow-free and evenly illuminated area. Its flood light effect covers a wide area, making it ideal not only for reading but also for tasks that require a broader light spread.

The Reading Light is eco-friendly, consuming less power without compromising on brightness. Additionally, it stands out with its high-frequency 40000Hz transformer, a stark improvement over conventional 50-60Hz fluorescent tubes, making it flicker-free and even more beneficial for your eyes.



  • Flexible Design: Adapt the light direction to your specific needs.
  • Broad Illumination: Achieve a flood light effect for wide coverage.
  • Eco-Conscious: Lower your carbon footprint with reduced power consumption.
  • Eye Comfort: A constant light source to minimise eye strain.
  • Superior Frequency: 40000Hz transformer offers a flicker-free experience.


For all your reading and hobby needs, trust in the High Vision Reading Lights to provide clear, comfortable, and strain-free illumination.