Large High Dome Propagator with Holes

Ideal Seed Propagation Solution

  • Standard seed tray base
  • Two-tier drainage holes
  • Base watering facilitated
  • Adjustable dial ventilator
  • Popularly sized unit


Sku: H67261

Perfect Size for Efficient Seed Propagation

The Standard Seed Tray Propagator is a highly popular choice for gardeners seeking an efficient and effective way to start their seeds. Using a standard seed tray as its base, this unit offers a familiar and convenient setup for both novice and experienced gardeners. Its size and design make it an excellent addition to any garden space, ensuring your seedlings get the best start possible.

The base tray of the propagator is designed with two-tier holes that facilitate base watering and ensure free drainage. This feature is crucial for maintaining optimal moisture levels and preventing water logging, which can harm delicate seedlings. The innovative design supports healthy root development by providing consistent and controlled hydration.

The cover of the propagator is equipped with an easy-to-adjust ‘dial’ ventilator. This adjustable ventilation system allows you to control the airflow and humidity inside the unit, creating the perfect environment for seed germination and growth. Whether you’re propagating vegetables, herbs, or flowers, the Standard Seed Tray Propagator provides the ideal conditions for successful gardening.

What’s Included:

  • Standard Seed Tray Propagator base
  • Clear cover with adjustable dial ventilator


  • Dimensions: Fits standard seed trays
  • Base Tray: Two-tier drainage holes
  • Ventilation: Adjustable dial ventilator
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Colour: Green base with clear cover

Disclaimer: Ensure the propagator is placed in a suitable location with adequate light for best results. Regularly monitor moisture levels and ventilation settings to maintain optimal growing conditions. Individual results may vary based on environmental factors and seed types.