HotHands Warmers – Pack of 2

HotHands Hand Warmers: 10 Hours of Hand-Warming Bliss

  • Air-Activated
  • 10 Hours of Heat
  • Instant Comfort


Sku: H66889

HotHands Hand Warmers: Unleash 10 Hours of Cozy Comfort

HotHands Hand Warmers are your go-to solution for enduring warmth and comfort on chilly days. These ingenious air-activated heat packs are specially designed to provide an incredible 10 hours of continuous warmth to your hands, making them perfect companions for outdoor adventures, cold commutes, or simply relaxing in the winter cold.

With the simplicity of activation, these hand warmers provide instant relief. Just open the pack, and within moments, you’ll feel the soothing warmth enveloping your hands. Say goodbye to cold, numb fingers and embrace the coziness that HotHands Hand Warmers offer.

Don’t let the cold dictate your day; take control with HotHands Hand Warmers and enjoy 10 hours of toasty warmth wherever life takes you.


  • Each pack contains one pair (2 hand warmers).
  • Activation is easy – simply open the pack, and the warmers heat up on their own.
  • Disclaimer: HotHands Hand Warmers are disposable air-activated heat packs intended for warmth and comfort and are not a medical cure. Use as directed. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.