Anti-Bacteria Cutting Board & Collecting Tray


Hygienic Cutting Board with Integrated Tray

  • Built-in tray for easy ingredient collection
  • Anti-bacterial surface for added hygiene
  • Spacious work area (40x25cm)
  • Versatile for chopping, peeling, and prepping
  • Durable and convenient design

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Elevate Your Kitchen Experience with an Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board and Integrated Tray

Upgrade your kitchen with our innovative Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board, designed to revolutionise your meal preparation. Crafted with a built-in tray, this cutting board allows you to seamlessly chop, peel, and prep your ingredients. The integrated tray serves as a convenient collection point for your freshly prepared vegetables and meats, keeping your workspace tidy and organised.

Hygiene is a top priority, which is why this cutting board boasts an anti-bacterial surface. This added layer of protection ensures a clean and safe food preparation environment. Measuring a spacious 40x25cm, it provides ample room for all your culinary endeavours. Whether you’re slicing, dicing, or mincing, this cutting board offers a versatile and dependable surface.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board with Integrated Tray. Streamline your cooking process and enjoy a clutter-free kitchen. Invest in a cutting board that not only meets your culinary needs but also prioritises your health and safety.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board with Integrated Tray


  • Dimensions: 40x25x3.5cm
  • Surface: Anti-Bacterial
  • Integrated Tray: Yes
  • Material: [Insert Material]