100 White LED Solar String Lights

Illuminate Your Garden with LED Solar String Lights!

  • Solar-powered with automatic dusk activation
  • Choose from flashing or steady light settings
  • Set of 100 lights for a captivating glow
  • Enhance your garden’s ambiance year-round



Elevate Your Garden’s Beauty with LED Solar String Lights!

Turn your garden into a mesmerising oasis that shines day and night with our LED Solar String Lights. Experience the enchanting glow of these lights as they effortlessly create an inviting atmosphere, whether it’s a warm summer evening or a crisp winter night. Let the charm of your garden extend beyond daylight hours and immerse yourself in its captivating radiance.

Designed to bring magic to your outdoor space, our LED Solar String Lights offer both convenience and elegance. Equipped with an in-built sensor, these lights spring to life as dusk falls, creating a celestial display that transforms your garden into a realm of wonder. The automatic activation ensures you can simply relax and let the lights work their charm, enhancing your garden without any effort.

For optimal results, place the sensor in a sunlit area of your garden. This strategic positioning allows the solar panel to absorb maximum sunlight, ensuring your LED Solar String Lights are ready to cast their luminous spell as soon as night descends. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor gathering, enjoying a quiet moment of contemplation, or simply admiring your garden, these lights will illuminate your surroundings with their radiant glow.

With our LED Solar String Lights, you have the power to choose between two captivating light settings. Opt for the flashing mode to infuse a dynamic energy into your garden, or select the steady light setting for a calm and serene ambiance. Tailor the mood to suit your preferences, creating a backdrop that complements every occasion.

Each set includes 100 lights, allowing you to embrace creativity as you arrange them to accentuate your garden’s unique features. These lights not only add visual delight but also offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution. Powered by the sun’s energy, they contribute to reducing your carbon footprint while casting a radiant glow that elevates your outdoor experience.

Transform your garden into an ethereal haven that dazzles all year round with our LED Solar String Lights. Whether it’s a cozy corner, a pathway, or the heart of your garden, let these lights guide your way and enhance your space’s allure. As daylight fades, watch your garden come to life in a new and captivating way, illuminating your surroundings with a touch of enchantment.


  • Solar-powered LED string lights
  • In-built sensor for automatic dusk activation
  • Choose from flashing or steady light settings
  • Set of 100 lights for a captivating glow
  • Enhance your garden’s ambiance year-round

What’s Included:

  • Pack of LED Solar String Lights (100 lights)

Elevate your garden’s charm with the enchanting radiance of our LED Solar String Lights. Let the beauty of your outdoor space shine day and night, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.